will feng shui go versus my faith

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A several months ago I obtained a note from a listener of the Household Strength Style and design display by the title of Giovanna. She went on to clarify how significantly she enjoyed the show but as a Feng Shui university student she was receiving very discouraged about how I referred to Feng Shui as “Woo Woo Hippie Shit”. In her belief I was bringing down the collective on anything pretty lovely.

In her personal words, “ The initial number of moments I read that I imagined it was humorous, and I see what you mean. Honestly I in no way saw Feng Shui as woo woo. I constantly noticed it as a Chinese philosophy that in some cases doesn’t make a lot sense to another person who is aware of practically nothing about it, but under no circumstances hippie shit. But listening to you repeat that sentence once again and once again type of discourages me. Remember to allow me know your choose on this…”

Very first, I’d like to thank Giovanna for sending in this electronic mail. I feel this is a quite vital matter and it’s a discussion we all will need to be speaking about. But 1 matter that sets Giovanna and me apart is that she is a college student just starting off out in this entire world of Feng Shui. I bought commenced in the 90’s and about the past 20 a long time I have been known as every thing from a soothsayer to a witch, a sorcerer to an occultist. Funny, thinking of that Feng Shui practitioners in China are regarded medical professionals of the environment.

Above the decades I have found and felt a large amount of warmth for my perception that strength exists within just our properties. In reality, my possess ex partner didn’t imagine in Feng Shui, so for a long time I practiced in solution. In his eyes I was a witch practicing witchcraft.

And that is why I invited Rachel Cannon on the present. She and I have been mates for many years and she has been a Pentecostal Christian her complete life.

Born and elevated in Baton Rouge her Christian faith is every thing. In fact, it is since of her that I uncovered about the mustard seed of religion – which you’ll hear me communicate about a great deal on the show. Thanks Rachel! If you never have a mustard seed of faith it will squash the chance of obtaining miracles. And, ummmm, who doesn’t want miracles?

Because of to the importance of Rachel’s faith she created me recognize that Christianity and Feng Shui are quite equivalent, they simply have a unique identify. Numerous of the ceremonial rituals I do for my clients are what she does in her faith. Wait around, whaaaaat? Yep. She assumed I was coming down to Baton Rouge to transfer her home furniture, and she was shocked to study that we would be using religion and prayer to recover her property. Faith y’all, not shifting household furniture or telling you to choose up your stuff. 

“If you can?” said Jesus. “Anything is probable for just one who believes.” Mark 9:23

With each other we went by her household and even though I held my mudras and chanted, she held her fingers with each other and prayed. It was beautiful. And instead than a mustard seed of religion her coronary heart was vast open and miracles began flooding her everyday living in unimaginable techniques. Like, holy shit is this for authentic kinda means!

So will Feng Shui go against your religion? I suppose it relies upon on what your faith is. If you have faith in magic and miracles, hope and love I’m going to assume you’re open to Feng Shui. It’s my belief that Henry Ford had it suitable when he explained:

“If you imagine you can or you feel you cannot, you’re suitable!” Henry Ford

In between these two podcasts you will find the perception of what people assume Feng Shui is and in actuality what it can come to be if you just open your heart to a mustard seed of religion.

Find it here on iTunes.

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