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When a vehicle travels in a round path or curved path, it is subjected to an outward pressure which makes a automobile to overturn and skid due to Centrifugal force. To triumph over this pressure and for safe and sound journey of a automobile, the outer edge of the street is raised higher than the interior edge. This is recognized as superelevation or banking of a road.

Superelevation on the horizontal curves

e = E/B = tan(angle w.r.t. horizontal)

Or E = e.B

e+f = v^2/ g.R
Listed here, e = charge of super-elevation
f= layout benefit of the lateral friction co-economical = .15
v = speed of motor vehicle in m/sec.
R= Radius of the horizontal curve, m
If velocity is in Kmph, then
e+f = V^2/(127.R)


1. To nullify the influence of centrifugal pressure that operates the operating auto to acquire off the very same outward on a horizontal curve.
2. To enable a rapid-paced vehicle to settle a curved path devoid of overturning and slipping.
3. To retain protection to the fast-paced site visitors.
4. To resist detrimental impact on the highway area simply because of inaccurate distribution of load.


1. It facilitates moving of automobile at high pace on a curved route as on a straight route devoid of any danger of overturning and hence success into elevated quantity of targeted traffic.
2. It provides allocation of load on wheels comparatively and as a result reliable stress is provided on the foundation which induces significantly less don on wheel tyres and springs alongside with the much less upkeep price of the highway.
3. It also facilitates to keep the motor vehicles to the correct aspect on the pavement and as a result stops collision of cars passing opposite instructions on a curved portion of the street.
4. It affords drainage of the whole width of street for the internal aspect. So, it is not necessary to arrange side drain on the exterior aspect of the street.

Design and style OF SUPERELEVATION:

The layout technique for giving the superelevation follows the following Four steps:

(1) Friction is neglected and super-elevation is built for 75% of the design and style velocity benefit,

     e = (.75. v)^2/ (gR)   exactly where v is in m/sec

 or e = (.75. V)^2/ (127R)   exactly where v is in Kmph/sec


(2) If e < 0.07 then value so obtained is provided

If e>.07, then supply the most tremendous-elevation equivalent to .07 and commence with steps 3 and 4.

(3) Verify the co-successful of friction formulated for the highest benefit of e equivalent to .07 for the entire style pace v.
f= v^2/(g.R) – .07
if  f

(4) 0.07 + .15 = Va^2/ (g.R)
Where, Va = allowable harmless velocity.

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