Learn How To Come across Out The Slicing Size Of Circular Rings

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Discover How To Locate Out The Reducing Length Of Round Rings

Following looking at this post you will fully grasp much better how to perform out the reducing length of the round rings.

We used subsequent proportions to make the calculation:

Enhancement Duration (L) = 450 mm
Pile cap measurement = 1200 x 1200 x 500 mm
Round Pile Of Dia = 600 mm
Key bars = 8 nos. 16 mm dia
Rings 10 mm dia @200 mm c/c
Hook Length = 10D
Protect for pile cap = 75 mm
Piles = 75 mm
Rebar body weight of the pile
Principal bars
Nos = 8 Dia = 16 mm ribbed bars (device fat – 1.58 kg/m)

We used the following system to locate out the slicing lenght:

(Pile Depth + Pile Cap Depth) – (Pile Address + Pile Cap Protect) + Improvement Length

By putting all the values, we get the adhering to :
= 9600 + 500 – (75 + 75) + 450 = 10400 mm = 10.4 m

The pounds is calculated with the adhering to components :

Excess weight = N x CL x U
Listed here, N = Range of bars
CL = Reducing Duration
U = Unit Excess weight

By putting the values, we get = 8 x 10.4 x 1.58 = 131.46 KG
Rebar body weight of the circular rings
Hook Length – 10 D = 10 x 10 = 100 mm
Ring Diameter = 600 – (75 + 75) = 450 mm below dia of rings is taken as 600 mm & protect for pile is taken as 75 mm

Ring Periphery = π.D = 3.14 x 450 = 1413 mm

Cutting Length Of Ring = Ring Periphery + 2 x Hook Length = 1413 +2 x 100 = 1413 + 200 = 1613 mm = 1.613 mm

To uncover out the rebar excess weight of the pile, go through subsequent article constructionqueries.wordpress.com

Some useful tips to determine the cutting length of circular rings

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