How to Thoroughly clean Porcelain Tile Flooring Without the need of Streaks (6 Simple Ways)

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Illustration of sparkling clean porcelain tile floors.

A couple of my close friends have really asked me how I deal with to keep my porcelain tile ground clean.  The issue with porcelain tile flooring is when it gets dirty, it can glimpse awful.  It loses its sheen and the grime discolors the grout lines.  It’s a shame simply because when thoroughly clean, these sorts of floors shine and sparkle.

Which means… it’s a fantastic notion to keep them clean up, whether or not it’s the floor, shower wall, bathroom backsplash or anywhere you have porcelain tile.

That’s what I want to examine today… how to cleanse your porcelain tile floors so they sparkle and shine yet again.

I have perfected the art of cleaning my porcelain tiles I set out every phase down below.

Initial of all, you have to have to have the proper devices.

A. Equipment for cleansing porcelain tiles

  • Detergent (it could be vinegar, all-goal household cleaner or porcelain cleaner),
  • Bucket,
  • Mop,
  • Vacuum cleaner/ broom,
  • H2o,
  • Comfortable brush and sponge, and
  • Substantial towel /rubber squeezer/ damp vacuum.

B. Cleansing Methods

The moment you have all the higher than, you can get begun cleansing the tile floor

1. Vacuum/ sweep the ground

Vacuum cleaner for tiles flooring.

It is really vital to get rid of dirt and particles on the ground. If you just went forward and mopped the floor with the dust, of course, it would seem cleanse but not as bright as it must be because you will be rubbing dust into the tiles. Debris far too like sand or anything tough is capable to go away scratches on the floor if it is not removed ahead of mopping.

My software of alternative is a vacuum cleaner, and not just any vacuum cleaner but a vacuum cleaner for tile floors. You may well choose to use a broom as properly but that normally takes time and it may not be ready to get dust in ridges and in the corners when a vacuum cleaner will suck up just about every little thing off the floor.

2. Implement detergent

I am all for green cleansing so I would suggest applying vinegar, just after all, it is less costly. Blend a quarter a cup of vinegar with 2 gallons of incredibly hot water and then use a sponge or a mop to implement it on to the flooring. Make sure to deal with just about every inch of the floor with this answer and then permit it established in there for about 15 minutes. You can decide on to use porcelain tile cleaner, which you will have to stick to the guidelines that come with it on how to mix it to guarantee it is not far too concentrated.

3. Scrub

A bucket and a sponge for cleaning floors.

Just after the detergent has set, it is time to scrub the floor. What you will use for this will depend on how dirty the flooring is. If you have stains and black marks on the grout, then you will need a gentle brush, if it is normal dirt, then you will use a sponge mop. I ordinarily concentrate on smaller spaces at a time.

Concentrating on smaller areas makes sure nothing at all gets left out so scrub every single porcelain tile right until it looks spotless and then move on to the subsequent. Use a comfortable brush on the ridges among the tiles to make sure there are no black marks left behind. I will emphasize that you use a soft brush since a tough 1 will stop up scratching the tiles and that presents spaces for very small dirt particles to conceal.

If you are cleansing an whole home, it is sensible again to concentration on little areas at a time to make sure that the detergent does not dry up so for illustration you should really do the kitchen area and stick to these ways to the close in advance of you go to the residing space and do the same with the dwelling area prior to you move on to the future area.

4. Dry the flooring

The moment just about every inch of the flooring in the unique region is coated, you will need to dry the flooring to get rid of the dirty water. Use the big towel for this or if you have a moist vacuum, that would be even better and more quickly. You can also use a rubber squeezer to force the water and dirt to a drain or a assortment area where you can suck it up with a towel or wet vacuum.

5. Rinse the flooring

Spray bottle for cleaning porcelain tile floors.

This is a stage I know some individuals skip in the name of permitting the detergent disinfect the flooring, or they are just plain lazy, but it need to hardly ever be skipped for the reason that the detergent can impact how shiny the flooring looks and there may perhaps even now be some dirt in there that will dry and once more have an impact on the brightness of the tiles so by all implies, remember to rinse the floor. Fill a bucket with clear h2o and using a clear mop or sponge, wipe the tiles to take out any detergent or grime that may possibly have remained.

6. Dry the ground yet again

A mop and a bucket for cleaning floors.Just like you did after scrubbing, you will have to dry the floor all over again utilizing the process you discover ideal. Personally, a wet vac would do the trick ideal.

So that is how I get my porcelain ground tiles to glimpse glowing and I hope this will enable you as very well. Below are some excess tips to make sure your tiles are less difficult to clear.

C. Cleaning Strategies

  • By no means allow a spill on the flooring dry up because that is ordinarily how stains will occur about. If you wipe them though they are damp, they cannot stain the floor.
  • Often have a doormat at the door and persuade all people to use it right before they stroll around the flooring because sand less than the footwear can scratch the ground and that are not able to be cleaned.
  • After cleansing, give it about 15 to 20 minutes ahead of you allow individuals start going for walks over the floor, this will make sure the flooring is dry, alternatively, you can use a blower or hair dryer to dry the floor after employing a towel or moist vacuum.
  • If the tiles are polished, use 50 percent the volume of detergent I advised for the cleaning alternative and rinse it off as swiftly as probable making sure no detergent is remaining on the ground.
  • If you have a steam cleaner, that is also a great possibility for porcelain tile flooring and you just have to increase a very little white vinegar to the drinking water you will be applying.
  • Never ever neglect the space among the tiles, or it will come to be extremely black.

While you may not be capable to mop the tiles the way I suggest every single working day, you must at least vacuum or sweep them every day so that it is a whole lot less difficult when you are cleaning them. A robotic vacuum could be a superior option to vacuum whilst you do other points.

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