How to Detox Your Mindset with Feng Shui | Gates Interior Design And Feng Shui

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Can Feng Shui go as far as your mindset? Absolutely! One of the biggest shifts I see with my clients is how they view their surroundings after experiencing the magic that unfolds after a Feng Shui consultation. In my world we call this a shift in personal Chi. When the energy in our environments starts to change it’s no surprise that the energy within us will change too!

Today I surprised my client Denise by asking her to sit down with me to talk about her recent Feng Shui consultation, her floor plan reading, and how Feng Shui has changed her life for the better. I should also mention, we touch on what her preconceived notions were about Feng Shui prior to working with me, and how now she sees it as a complimentary tool to boost her Christian faith to radically change everything in her life in a positive way!

If you’ve ever wondered what Feng Shui is, what it can do for you or maybe you’ve experienced trepidation like Denise, then this video interview if for you!

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