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We will explain listed here some features of a fantastic brick:

01. Brick Earth: Brick earth doesn’t comprise stones, kankars, natural and organic subject, saltpetre and damaging chemical and so on.

02. Dimensions: The bricks ought to be manufactured with regular sizing as very well as plain, rectangular surfaces that contains parallel sides and sharp straight edges. The bricks with standard and dependable dimension are proposed for making construction. Fantastic bricks really should manage tolerances in length below 3 mm and 1.5 mm tolerances in width and peak. The conventional dimension of brick is 190 x 90 x 90 mm.

03. Shape: Fantastic bricks should have uniformed shape. Edges of bricks need to have been sharp, straight and at a ideal angle.

04. Color of Brick: Brick should really have been burnt completely and need to contain homogeneous copper coloration. If the bricks are burnt excessively or under burnt, they lose equality of shade on the floor and energy.

05. Soundness: Appropriately burnt brick will supply a metallic seem if it is strike by a hammer or another brick.

06. Hardness: The brick should really have been so company that if it is scratched with a finger nail no outcome takes place.

07. Power: The Compressive strength of brick need to have been most affordable 35 N/mm2 as said by IS code.

08. Texture and Compactness: Brick should’ have a clean surface, to keep away from any so that slipping of mortar. The brick should really consist of pre-compacted and homogeneous texture. A fractured surface area will not display cracks, holes, grits or lumps of lime.

09. Drinking water Absorption: H2o engrossment capability of very good brick need to not be above 20 p.c of its dry weight if it is absorbed in h2o for 24 hours.

10. Frog in Brick: Brick really should have an exact frog so that the mortar is filled in the frog in a best manner. The measurement of frog must be 100 mm in length, 40 mm in width and 10 mm depth.

The properties of good quality bricks

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