A Superior Way to Propagate Hostas

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If you adore developing Hostas, but detest cutting them into parts to propagate them, you are in luck. We have a uncomplicated, effortless way to get the position done.

We are likely to give you a action-by-step strategy for propagating Hostas that is minimally invasive and does not established the plant back like digging up the whole clump does. This Hometalk post is likely to aid us.

For an simple thought that you can do any time of calendar year, comply with our steps below.

1. A Beautiful Plant

You will need the pursuing:

  1. A great Hosta clump.
  2. A shovel that is cleaned and sanitized (recommended due to the fact of the Hosta virus X, a disorder that can unfold among the Hosta).
  3. A little something to plant the eyes in.

2. Discover a Clump

This Hosta clump is a good one particular to use. Just find a stump you want to propagate.

3. The Eye

Come across an eye or set of eyes to the outer edge and use your finger to apparent a location involving the eyes.

4. Set the Shovel In

Take the shovel and put it in the location you just marked.

5. Press Down

Push the shovel down and reduce by means of the Hosta to launch the eyes.

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