22 Redwood Decks & Pergolas (Pictures)

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Large redwood deck with firepit

What is redwood lumber?

Redwood lumber is from redwood trees (Sequoioideae) which are coniferous.  They are renowned for expanding to astronomical heights and having a massive diameter.  The tallest redwood standing is an unbelievable 379 toes tall.  That is as tall as a 37 tale setting up.  Sure, it’s the tallest tree in the planet.  Consider climbing it.

Not only are they incredibly tall, but their diameter is massive as very well with an typical 9 meter diameter when totally developed.  Resource: Livescience.com.

These trees improve together the coastline from central California to southern Oregon.

Make sure you note that these majestic redwoods are not harvested for lumber. I integrated this photo just to illustrate an illustration of this kind of tree. The redwood trees that are harvested arrive from carefully managed and responsibly lifted forestlands. In actuality, they are FSC certified, so are exceptionally sustainable and eco-pleasant.

Rewards of redwood lumber for decks and pergolas

There are obvious positive aspects to making decks and pergolas with redwood lumber.

  • Light:  It is lighter than composite decking and tropical hardwoods.
  • Effortless to function: It’s less difficult to noticed, drill and perform with.
  • Potent:  Regardless of being gentle and easy to perform with, it is amazingly sturdy.
  • Resistant to decay and insects.
  • Retains condition:  It does not warp or break up.
  • Aesthetically pleasing:  It delivers a pleasing reddish color tone.  See photograph illustrations underneath.
  • Durable: structures and decks developed with it are very potent and durable.
  • Fire-safe: for a wood product or service, it’s a secure product hearth-intelligent with a class B fireplace score.
  • Renewable source:  When harvested effectively, it’s a renewable materials.

Photo Gallery

Down below is an substantial established of redwood deck and pergola photos by Humboldt Redwood.

Photographs of Redwood decks

Photos of redwood pergolas


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