10 Varieties of Staircases (Customized Diagram for Every Design)

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Picking out the ideal type of staircase for your house is a significant determination. There are room-saving staircases and then staircases created to make a splash.

A big element of the choice hinges on how significantly house you have and your home’s structure. The staircase design and style occurs early on in the blueprint section simply because when you modify the staircase, you change the blueprint of the dwelling which is a massive transform.

Furthermore, constructing intricate staircases can be really advanced demanding thorough measuring and precise craftsmanship. It is not anything for the novice to take a single apart from possibly a uncomplicated staircase outdoors.

There are a very good number of staircase types to pick out from. We established out 10 custom made diagrams of distinct kinds of staircases beneath.

Be absolutely sure to also test out our “parts of a staircase” diagram and publish-up.

Straight Staircases

The straight staircase is the easiest staircase style and design.  There are two styles:

  1. Straight, and
  2. Straight with landing.

They are the simplest variety of stairs to ascend and descend as very well as establish.

On the other hand, they are quite plain and really do not give a grand structure like a winding or bifurcated staircase.

With respect to footprint, it falls in the center as to how a lot footprint it can take up in the property.

See straight staircase picture gallery below.

Diagram of 2 types of straight staircases

Quarter-Switch Staircase Diagram

The quarter-flip staircase is one where by it turns 90° at some position.  The “quarter” refers to the diploma of switch, not that it turns quarter of the way up.

This form of staircase is excellent for sure sorts of house layouts these types of as just one with a lobby wherever the doorway is in from the wall enough sufficient to match in portion of the stairs.

It’s more exciting in style than a straight layout and the convert usually means there will nearly constantly be a smaller landing aspect way up.

See quarter-convert staircases below.

Diagram of quarter-turn staircase

50 percent-Flip Staircase

The fifty percent change usually takes up a good quantity of footprint and can be grand in design and style.  It turns 180°, but not in a switchback style.  The upper and reduce pieces have a house in concerning them.  It’s

This kind can be continuous stairs or offer a landing.

See half-flip staircases below.

Half-Turn Staircase Diagram

3-Quarter Transform

The 3-quarter change staircase is an elaborate design.  You have to have quite a little bit of room to make these kinds of a style and design.  It consist of various landings and is commonly in homes with over-typical ceiling height.  It wouldn’t search too excellent to cram all that below an 8 foot ceiling.

See our 3-quarter switch staircase photograph gallery listed here.

Three-quarter turn staircase diagram

180° Convert (a.k.a. Switchback)

This is a incredibly well-liked style due to the fact it is a respectable place-saver by doubling up.  It’s also a rather basic style to create technically speaking (relative to bifurcated or winding for case in point).

The draw back to this is it’s not all that grand of a staircase.  For occasion, you don’t get a look at of the decreased region as you descent like you do with a winding or bifurcated staircase.

See switchback staircases in this article.

180 degree turn staircase diagram (aka switchback)

Circular Staircase Diagram

This can be a extremely grand seeking layout and is terrific for taller ceilings.

With laptop or computer design computer software, it is much easier to place alongside one another fancy and complex curved staircases for property so you do see this and winding staircases in considerably far more houses nowadays than 50 yrs back.  What’s more, today’s properties are considerably larger than 50 many years back so there is home for grander staircases.

Circular staircase diagram

Spiral Staircase

The spiral design is a wonderful for a secondary staircase.  It’s a room-preserving style and design and really appears to be neat.

The draw back is it is not effortless to ascend or descent.  It’s in fact really precarious.

The methods attach to a centre pole. These can be made with wooden or steel.

See spiral staircases in this article.

Spiral Staircase Diagram

Winding (Curved)

The winding layout is synonymous with grand.  Any time curves are involved it’s a a lot more complicated layout so not only is the staircase curved, but so also is the wall it lies up versus.

See our winding stairs picture gallery listed here.

Winding staircase diagram


Bifurcated is synonymous with a luxury staircase. It can take up the most house and helps make for a grand entrance. It is an imposing style for certain.  This sort would look foolish in a compact area so only contemplate it if you have a substantial lobby that matches it sufficiently.

This style can be straight like the diagram below shows or curved.

See our bifurcated gallery in this article.

Bifurcated Staircase Diagram

Pin this model for all kinds of Staircases

Beneath is our comprehensive varieties of staircases diagram that we welcome you to pin to your Pinterest boards.

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