10 Best Small Dresser Options for 2018

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Obviously you don’t want such a small dresser that you can’t fit anything in it.  It’s a storage furnishing after all.

However, among dressers at all prices, including dressers under $200, there are compact options for horizontal (6-drawer), vertical and combo designs.

Below is our list of the best small dresser options for 2018.

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A. Small Horizontal Dressers

1. Stork Craft Kenton 6 Drawer Universal Dresser

Horizontal dresser made even sturdier with the combination of steel and hardwood.Available in six colors, which range from white through to cherry and black, this dresser should coordinate well with any bedroom décor. It has a simple design, though the slight upward curve of the top drawers makes it stand out and lends it a touch of class. All told, there are six drawers in which you can store your accessories or your delicates.

It’s 18 inches deep, with a length of 50 inches and height of 32.4 inches. It’s also one of the heavier small dressers, as it weighs just over 123 pounds. This is likely due to the combined use of hardwood and steel in its construction.

This combination may add to the weight, but it also improves the sturdiness of the dresser. You shouldn’t have any problem putting heavy items, such as a mirror, on top of it. The drawers come out on metal tracks too, so there’s no friction between the wood.


  • The combination of steel and hardwood make this one of the sturdier small dressers
  • Available in a range of colors
  • Features six drawers, each of which is on tracks
  • Upward curve of the top drawers adds a touch of flair


  • One of the heavier small dressers around
  • It scratches fairly easily

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2. Delta Children Universal 6 Drawer Dresser

A six-drawer horizontal dresser with curved edges for children.An excellent choice for a children’s bedroom, this dresser has a snazzy curved design around the edges. It will stand out in any room, as it blends classical drawer design with a touch of modernity. All told, it has six drawers, which slide out on tracks.

Delta uses a mix of wood composites and solid woods in construction. They’ve also put the dresser through rigorous testing to ensure it’s free of toxic materials, and that it meets or exceeds all current ASTM standards.

It’s 20.75 inches deep, though the drawers themselves are 19.5 inches deep. As for width, it comes in at 48.5 inches, with a 34.75-inch height. The dresser weighs 109 pounds, making it easy to move around when it’s empty.

The outward curve at the bottom of the feet isn’t just a stylistic choice either. It prevents the dresser from tipping forward when pulled, so you can feel safe putting this in a child’s room.


  • Meets or exceeds current ASTM safety standards
  • Non-toxic and lead-free dark chocolate finish
  • Light enough to move easily
  • Eye-catching curved design


  • Delta could have used the empty space behind the drawers to offer more storage space
  • While the dresser frame comes together quickly, the drawers may present some problems

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3. South Shore Rock Brook Natural Maple 6-Drawer Dresser

A simple maple drawer incorporated with a mirror. This one is perfect for bedrooms.Though South Shore call this a natural maple dresser, it’s actually made using engineered wood products. It’s the finish that gives it that natural maple look, rather than the materials themselves. Nevertheless, it certainly looks the part, and there’s no wasted space anywhere on the dresser.

It’s one of the larger small dressers, measuring in at 52 inches wide and 32 inches high. Despite that, it only has a depth of 16 inches. Still, you get six drawers, each of which has a sleek metal handle rather than a knob.

The warranty makes this dresser stand out, as the drawer gliders come with a lifetime warranty. You also get a five-year warranty on the parts and manufacture, so you’re covered if something goes wrong.

The mirror that you can buy with the dresser fits perfectly on top too. Unfortunately, you have to pay more to get your hands on it.


  • Efficient and elegant design
  • Extensive warranties offered for the entire dresser
  • Thin enough to suit most small spaces


  • Made using engineered wood, rather than natural maple
  • You have to pay more if you want the mirror

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B. Compact Vertical Dressers

1. mDesign Fabric Baby 4-Drawer Dresser

Four-drawer vertical baby dresser in a nice shade of gray.Sleek and stylish, this little four-drawer dresser works well as a standalone unit or as a corner piece. While it’s technically a baby dresser, there’s nothing stopping you from using it as a nightstand in your own bedroom.

Instead of wood, mDesign uses reinforced fabric for the drawers. It’s tougher than you may think, plus it has enough given in it to allow you to stack a lot of items without the bottoms sagging to the point of breaking. Each drawer also has a fabric outer lining, which protects little heads when clumsy children run into them.

It’s one of the narrowest small dressers on the list, with a 12.5-inch width and 37.5-inch height. You could buy two and place them on either side of a horizontal dresser to create an interesting three-piece. The low 15-pound weight and little plastic feet also make it easy to move without leaving scratches behind.


  • Fabric drawers have more give than traditional wooden drawers
  • Works just as well as a nightstand or bedside table
  • The use of fabric means that little ones don’t hurt themselves if they bash into it


Fabric may start to wrinkle up with extended use

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2. Graco Brooklyn 3 Drawer Chest

A white vertical chest with three drawers, it also comes in five different colors.Sporting a classic design, this three-drawer chest will look great when combined with other wooden pieces. You also get a choice of five colors, including white, espresso, and black. As a result, you shouldn’t have any issues matching it up to your bedroom’s color choices.

Graco uses a mix of composite and pine wood to provide a solid and stable dresser. Plus, the drawers have steel sliders, which can withstand quite the beating. Importantly, the drawers also have safety stops to prevent them from toppling out onto overenthusiastic kids.

It’s practically square, rather than vertical, as it’s 32.68 inches high and 33.74 inches wide, with an 18-inch depth. The dresser weighs almost 75 pounds, but this is still light enough for you to move it easily. Finally, it carries several ASTM certifications.


  • Traditional design, which comes in a range of colors
  • Mix of pine and composite wood makes it sturdy
  • Drawers have safety stops to prevent them being pulled all the way out


It’s one of the tougher small dressers to assemble

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3. Glendora Solid Wood Natural Stain Three Drawer Dresser

Small, vertical drawer looking natural with its stained wood design.There’s almost an industrial look to this dresser, as the stained wood used for most of it has a solid metal lining running around the edges. It’s a brave design choice and one that may scare off a few traditionalists. However, it may be perfect for you if you’re looking for small dressers that stand out from the crowd.

The large legs bolster the dresser’s 29-inch height. It’s 26 inches across and just over 15 inches deep, so it’s plenty sturdy even if it’s a touch on the thin side. Glendora uses high-quality acacia wood throughout, which has a natural staining that surprisingly complements the iron frame.

There are three drawers, each of which has big chunky handles. Assembly isn’t an issue either, as you only have to put the legs in place. Of course, you could choose not to use them, which may prove useful if you want to use the dresser as a nightstand.


  • Iron frame lends it a unique industrial aesthetic
  • Gorgeous natural staining
  • Strong acacia wood used in construction


  • The iron adds extra weight, which may make this unsuitable for use in a children’s bedroom
  • Some may not like the contrast of natural wood and iron frame

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4. Dakota Pass 4-Drawer Chest

An engineered wooden dresser with four spacious drawers.One of those small dressers that add a touch of contemporary flair to a traditional design, this is a four-drawer piece that looks wonderful in most bedrooms. The front of each drawer stands out. Each has a wooden strip running horizontally through the center, with a pair of small knobs for the drawers.

At 109 pounds, it’s fairly easy to move around, plus the legs are sturdy enough to allow twisting and moving if you can’t lift it. The dresser stands over 43 inches high and is 32.6 inches wide. It’s 17.5 inches deep too, though the drawers lose a couple of those inches.

It’s only available in char pine coloring, however, the dresser isn’t made using pine wood. Instead, Dakota uses engineered wood, with a nice little finish on top to make it look like the real thing.

The drawers are on runners, but they’re not as good as those you’ll find in other small dressers. They have a tendency to stick after extended use.


  • Works just as well in a modern bedroom as it does in a traditional one
  • Features a couple of interesting design choices, such as the drawers’ center strips


The drawers don’t come out smoothly at times

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C. Combo Dressers

1. Zipcode Design Everett 3 Drawer Combo Dresser

This wooden dresser is a combination of three vertical drawers and a two-door cabinet.Available in both white and cherry red, this combo dresser keeps things nice and simple. There are three drawers on the left side, with a small cupboard built into the left portion. You’ll also notice that the top drawer is a touch thinner than the other two, so it loses a couple of points for lack of symmetry.

Though it’s only 83 pounds, moving it is still a two-person job as dragging it may scratch wooden floors. Overall, it measures 44.8 inches wide by 29.9 inches tall. The use of manufactured wood gives it a more modern look, while the laminate that coats it makes the dresser easy to wipe down.

Having said that, the dresser carries PEFC certification, so it’s great for environmentally-conscious people. All of the wood comes from sustainable sources, plus it carries ASTM certification too.


  • Made using wood from sustainable forests
  • Available in two colors
  • Laminate finish makes it easy to wipe down


  • Some of the materials feel cheap
  • Takes a while to assemble

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2. South Shore Andover 2 Drawer Combo Dresser

This dresser is a combination of two drawers, a small wardrobe and some shelves.A beautifully designed vertical combo dresser, this has a small wardrobe, two drawers, and a couple of shelves. This provides you with some more decorative opportunities, or you could use the shelves as a mini bookcase. It comes in pure white, but there are three other colors available if you’re willing to shell out a little more.

You can move the two shelves around too, offering you plenty of choice in how you use this handy storage solution. It stands at 48.75 inches high, 33 inches wide, and is almost 19 inches deep. It’s also a touch on the heavy side as small dressers go, weighing in at 109 pounds.

The dresser requires some assembly, but you should find it quite easy to work with the laminated manufactured wood. There’s also a five-year product warranty, which improves confidence in the build quality.


  • Offers plenty of storage opportunities
  • Features a pair of adjustable shelves
  • Comes in a range of four colors
  • Extensive warranty should cover any damage


  • Back board comes in two pieces
  • Drawers feel a little on the cheap side

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3. South Shore Vito 5 Drawer Combo Dresser

A sleek, pure black combo dresser with five drawers and a cabinet.Despite coming in at the pricier end of the small dresser spectrum, South Shore keeps things simple with the design. It has five drawers running down the left, with a large cupboard space on the right. Each has a small metal knob, adding to the minimalist design choice.

You do get a choice of colors, though the soft grey costs more than the others. However, you’ll see where the extra money went when you open up the cupboard. It contains four shelves, so you don’t have to stack items on top of each other and a couple of handy coat hangers on the door.

South Shore has also catered for the TV enthusiasts among you. There’s a small hole through which you can easily slot wires, plus the top of the dresser can hold a 50-inch TV with a maximum weight of 185 pounds. The dresser itself weighs 150 pounds and stands 48.75 inches tall by 47 inches wide.


  • Cupboard space comes with shelves and small coat hangers on the door
  • Minimalist design means it looks great in modern rooms
  • Comes with five drawers and some shelves
  • Built with the TV-lover in mind


  • Difficult to assemble, with poor instructions
  • The drawers are a bit weak

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D. Conclusion

Small dressers work best either as children’s pieces, or to offer storage room in a small space. The choice between horizontal and vertical is an important one. Vertical dressers save floor space, while horizontal ones tend to be a bit more stable.

Of course, you could always go for a combo dresser if you want as many storage options as possible. These combine drawers, cupboards, and shelves to offer an all-in-one solution that also saves money that you may have spent on several dressers.

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